It’s arrived

Album Cover for New Earth by Madam Snowflake

The album is called “New Earth” by Madam Snowflake , and I’ve been honored to co-produce it with Madam Snowflake, the immensely talented singer, song-writer and producer.

She had first contacted me about 3 years ago, asking if I’d be interested in helping her with an album of her songs themed around her passion for the environment. I was honored to be asked and excited to participate in her project.

Madam Snowflake lives in Los Angeles, California, and I’m in Vancouver, British Columbia, so our collaboration was entirely long distance. That, and other things in life keeping us busy, made progress a little slower than we had originally estimated. But we never stopped, and so now I’m very excited to mention that her album has just been released in several of the major music outlets.

Maybe not quite typical for music themed around environmental consciousness, the music fuses electronica and a bit of looped sampling culture (ccMixter style), with occasional sprinkles of twangy guitars – because the planet needs less plastic and more twangy guitars!

Some of the songs are quirky, some are lush, some are powerful and some are pretty, but the common highlight is always Madam Snowflake’s magnificent voice!

New Earth is available at the links below:

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