It’s arrived

Album Cover for New Earth by Madam Snowflake

The album is called “New Earth” by Madam Snowflake , and I’ve been honored to co-produce it with Madam Snowflake, the immensely talented singer, song-writer and producer.

She had first contacted me about 3 years ago, asking if I’d be interested in helping her with an album of her songs themed around her passion for the environment. I was honored to be asked and excited to participate in her project.

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A little foray into sound design

Usually, I just use my sound designs in my own productions, but a couple of weeks ago, for the first time ever, I sent some of my sound designs to one of the greatest synth and drum sound designers of our time, John “Skippy” Lehmkul (a.k.a PluginGuru). He had invited sound design submissions by his customers with the intent of including the best submissions into his newest commercial sound library.

As a result, 4 of my sound creations are now included in his latest library for the amazing Omnisphere software synthesizer: Megamagic: Violin for Omnisphere 2.5.  It contains sounds centered around violin samples including beautiful, interesting and useful sounds for many genres of music making, from Film and Video Game Music to EDM, Pop, Alternative and Electronica.  My sounds in that library are called:

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Earth is Burning by Madam Snowflake

The second installment of my collaboration with the amazing Madam Snowflake from Los Angeles who wrote the song, performed all the vocals, played the piano and created the lyric video. You really know a voice is incredibly special when you don’t tire of hearing it for many hours while working on the song arrangement, production, mix and mastering. And this song also features the masterful drumming of Al Linker from New Orleans.

Climb by Madam Snowflake

Here’s the first output from a little project by the insanely talented Madam Snowflake, that I’m honored and thrilled to participate in.

Climb by Madam Snowflake
Video Production by Madam Snowflake, John Nogawski & Nico Fyve
Music Production by Nico Fyve & Madam Snowflake
© ℗ 2017 Emily Richards & RillRiver Publishing


Trailer for Climb

Madam Snowflake‘s video debut is scheduled for release April 4th. Exciting time for me, too – since I’ve spent quite a few hours with that song!  What a pleasure to work with such quality – the person and her music! The songwriting! The piano playing! And that amazing voice that I never tire of!